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Hurricane and Storm Damage Insurance Lawsuits
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What to do When a Homeowner's Insurance Claim is Denied for Storm Damage?

Suffering damages from a hurricane or natural disaster can be overwhelming and devastating. However, recovering from such misfortunes is vital. The procedure that you take following such an event can determine the outcome of recovering from your loss. Recovering from a significant storm requires working with insurance companies. However, these companies do not often operate with your best interests in mind. After a claim, your insurance company may provide you with an official letter detailing why the claim has been refused. In many circumstances, there may still be questions left unanswered and discrepancies.

If addressing your situation with the insurance company's claims adjuster does not provide relief, you will need to submit a formal appeal. Having a knowledgeable attorney at your side to help navigate the appeals process is a surefire way to streamline the process to receive the compensation you deserve. If you believe your insurance company has unfairly denied or undervalued your claim after experiencing a loss from a hurricane or other natural disaster, our experienced legal team at Ali Awad Law may be able to help.

Hurricane and Storm Damage Insurance Lawsuits

There is often little warning when hurricanes and other major storms strike, causing widespread devastation affecting your home and life. After you have reached safety, the next step is filing a claim for damages with your insurance company. Unfortunately, getting insurance companies to cooperate is not always easy. The claims process can be tedious, and insurance companies often seek any possible angle to deny your hurricane or storm damage claim. However, an experienced lawyer can ensure the insurers are not taking advantage of you.

Hurricane and Storm Damage Insurance Lawsuits
What if You Experience a Hurricane Claim Denial?

What if You Experience a Hurricane Claim Denial?

As an agency, insurers have a natural tendency to frequently search for methods to attempt to restrict the number of payouts they are required to disburse after a major storm or hurricane. After a natural disaster, many people will be submitting claims simultaneously. Insurers will then analyze claims looking for any opportunity to deny the claim or supply a lowball offer. Insurance companies may succeed in denying or minimizing claims by urging you to settle, denying that coverage exists, delaying the claims process, or deliberately undervaluing your property. Having a knowledgeable legal expert defending you and reviewing the ins and outs of the coverage and claim and ensuring that everything is in order can be a powerful weapon against these tactics.

Hurricane Lawsuit FAQs

What steps should I take as soon as my claim is denied ?

The three steps you should take as soon as your claim has been denied is to first review the correspondence detailing why they have denied your claim. Next, you need to gather as much evidence as possible. Photos, an inventory of the damage, and supporting documents such as estimates from contractors detailing the extent of the damage can be beneficial. Finally, contact an attorney. Working with a lawyer is one of the most effective ways to discover why your claim has been denied and how to best move forward.

Do I need a lawyer ?

As a policyholder, you have the legal right to dispute an insurance claim decision that you believe is unfair. An experienced attorney may help you seek reimbursement for covered losses the insurance company refuses to review or help expedite the payment process. Ali Awad Law firm is willing to put in the work to investigate and hunt for signs of bad faith tactics. A knowledgeable legal expert is the best way to comprehend policy terms, ensure a legitimate claim exists, and refute the unsatisfactory claim. Property insurance policies often contain legal jargon that can be difficult to understand.

In what circumstance would a property insurance claim be rejected ?

After impact from a natural disaster, you can be left with significant property damage. The best way to get your life and assets back on track is to file an insurance claim. However, it is rarely as simple as filling a claim and getting a disbursement. Financially, insurance companies have incentives to pay out as little as possible. Therefore, they may do everything they can to minimize your coverage. Reasons insurance claims are denied can be valid or they may be unjust. Some common reasons insurance policies are denied include missing a filing deadline, an exclusion clause, late or absent payments, lack of evidence, and more. Remember that just because an insurance company listed a reason for the denial doesn't mean it is inherently valid. Insurers may act in bad faith by denying a legitimate claim.